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How to Unfriend or Remove Someone in BGMI 2024?

How to Remove, Delete, or Unfriend someone in BGMI and Pubg Mobile: We can Add tons of New Friends in BGMI and Pubg Mobile. But, If you have added any unknown Players or some irritating players to your Friend list in BGMI. Here is a Step By Step Procedure to Remove or Unfriend someone in BGMI.

How to Unfriend in BGMI?

Step 1: Log-in in to BGMI Game and Click on the Friend Tab (Present in the Top left Position)

Delete friend in BGMi

Step 2: Now Tap on Three Dot and then Delete Option as Shown in figure.

delete selected Friend in Pubg Mobile

Step 3: Now Select the Player you want to Delete and then Click on the Delete Button.

Delete BGMi Friends

Step 4: Once you click Delete Button, Your Selected Friend will be Deleted from Your Friend list.

Unfriend in BGMi

Congratulations, You have successfully Deleted that friend in your Friend list. For Better Understanding, we have added a Step By Step Process with Images.


So, this is all About How to Delete Friends in BGMI and Pubg Mobile. If you have any queries, suggestions or anything to Say Please Let us know in the Comment Section.

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