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How to Join Competitive Customs or Scrims in BGMI 2024

BGMI Scrims: Hello BGMI Lover, have you gotten bored by Playing those same Classic Matches, You might have Best Squad, and getting chicken dinner becomes Easy for you. Now, You are Thinking of Play More tough Matches and increasing your Potential. So, Competitive Custom Matches are Best for Enhancing Your Skills and Gaming Sense.

In Customs, Mainly there are Well Trained Players or Pro Players Founds. But, In T3 Scrims You may find Noobs Players. In this article, I am Going to Briefly Explain what is Customs or Scrims, and the Advantages of Playing Customs. , How You Can Join and Play Customs? , and lastly Some of the Best Customs Organizers. So, Let’s get started

BGMI Custom Room

What are Customs (Scrims) and Tiers in BGMI?

In BGMI, Customs is just like a Normal Classic Match, there are Only Selected Players who Can Join that Room. The player who has that room ID and Password can Only Join that Particular room and No Random Players can enter the room. Every player with a room card can create a Custom room and Invite their friends by sending an ID and Password to join that room.

Scrims are also a type of custom but Scrims are a Professional Way of Arranging Custom Rooms. Now, what is Scrims? Scrim is a term used for arranging practice matches among Professional and Competitive players. Now, Other Competitive and Professional Gamers Play and Arrange Scrims so that they can Play and practice against the Best Players. But, If you just enter Scrims you will not find that tough player.

Now, Scrims is Divided into 3 types T1, T2, and T3 (T stands for Tier). If you just entered in Competitive Scrims you will be in T3 Scrims. Since T3 scrims are for beginners, you will find all types of Player Noob, average, and Pro.

You have to Perform Extreme to get Promoted in T2. Extreme means you have to make high kills and Chicken Dinner in Constant Manner. So, You will get Promoted to tier 2. Now, T2 scrims are a Big Game. You will find a Real Competitive feeling in T2 Scrims.

BGMI Competative Tournaments

Tier 2 consists of all Pro and Competitive Players. T2 and T1 Customs are not Conducted like T3 Scrims. If you Qualify for T2 Customs Organizers will add you to a Different Group may be WhatsApp, Telegram, or a Discord Server.

T1 Scrims is Very, Very Hard for both aspects first Getting Promotion from T2 to T1 and the Other is Booking Seats in Scrims. T1 Scrims for Professional and Competitive Gamers who Belong to Reputation Clans like Soul, Fnatic, IND, Tsm, and More.

Advantages of Playing Scrims or Customs?

You Might be Wondering what is the advantage of Playing Customs. It means if we play Classic or Complete Mission you will Get Rewards in BGMI. So, why we Should Play custom? See, If You want to Enhance your Gaming Skills and want to go far in the gaming sector it will be necessary that you have a good gaming Sense.

Good Gaming Sense will be Developed by Playing games against Worthy opponents. In Every Classic Match, You will not find many Hardcore Gamers Until you are between Crown and Conqueror.

BGMI T1, T2 & T3 Custom Rooms

Now, Some Advantages of Playing Scrims are :

  • Increase Gaming Scene
  • You will Realise your Inner Ability
  • Fast Decision-Making ability will be increased
  • If you perform well, you will get Fame and many Pro gamers will get to know you.
  • You will make lots of new friends.
  • Improve your Pressure Handling Skills.
  • It will Boost your Inner Confidence.

So, these are Some Advantages of playing Scrims.

How you can Join and Play Competitive Matches?

Now, You have to get clear about Scrims and its Advantages. Let’s talk about how you can get enter it and Make a reputation in Scrims.

If we talk about requirements, You Must have 3 basic Requirements i.e. Good Device, a better Team, and the Best Gaming Skills. See, in customs, there are high Frame Drops (Lags) as compared to Classic Match.

So, having a Good Device is Necessary for the Long term in Scrims. In Scrims, there are mainly Squad Matches and for this, you must have a Cooperative Team so you can play Squad Matches.

If we talk about skills it is not necessary because they need to learn as you play more scrims you will learn New Skills. But, for T2 and T1 Scrims you have to Enhance your Skills.

There are many Custom Organizers who Conduct Customs for Absolutely Free. If you want to Enter their Customs you have to first Enter their Discord Servers. We will provide all Discord Server Link Down. Once, you Enter Discord. There will be an announcement for T3 Scrims Registration at a particular interval of time.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Scrims

You have to Just Register your Squad for that Scrim on Discord. Once, you Register, scrim Organizers will give you a Slot Number. Before 5 – 15 Minutes of Scrims, You will Receive your Room ID and Password on Discord. Now, you have to enter with your Squad in that Room and remember always to be on a given Slot otherwise you and your Squad may get Kicked out of the Room by Organizers.

T1 and T2 Scrims are Conducted in a Different Manner. Once, you qualify for T2 Scrims organizer will add you to the WhatsApp Group and you receive your Room ID and Password in that Group. Nowadays, some organizers directly book slots for T2 Scrims in Discords but yes you have to qualify for it.

Best and Free Bgmi Scrims Organizers

You Might get all cleared about scrims and now you are fully energized for Competitive Customs. Now, let’s talk about Some best Customs Organizers. You will find many customs organizers who Conduct Customs in WhatsApp Group, Discord, or Even Telegram and Facebook Groups.

Mainly Trusted and Professional Perform Scrims on Discord Server. Scrim Organizers Conduct Paid as well as Free Scrims. Paid Customs is for Premium Subscription Members in this Free User can’t Book Seat. Since there is a Pre-booking Seat for Paid Members. Not all Organizers Conduct Paid Scrims.
These are Some Discord links of Popular Scrims Organizer.

So, these are Some Popular Discord Server link that arranges free Customs. Yes! we have not included some popular Discord Server links because we can’t find the working link to that Server. We will update as soon we Get a Working Server link. Yes, We will Also Conduct Scrims Once we get a Sufficient Number Of Players.

Remember, In Every News Customs Server, you have to start with Tier 3. Suppose, you are in T2 in EXD Customs and if you shift to RadDot then you have to start with T3 again in Rad Dot and then slowly you get promoted to T2. Sometimes, Some Organizers give you T2 Slots based on your Previous Performance on another Server.

So, this is all about Scrims or Customs related to BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). I hope all your doubts will be cleared. If you still have any queries please let us know in the Comment Section. Hope you like this Article. Thank You ❤️.

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