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How to Reach Conqueror in BGMI? – (Points, Refresh Time)

How to Reach Conqueror: Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of India’s Most Popular and Competitive games. It has millions of Active players in India. In BGMI, Conqueror is the Highest or most prestigious Title that only a Few people can obtain. If you are one of them looking for a Conqueror title in BGMI, But you don’t know How to Reach a Conqueror in BGMI?

This article will provide a Complete Roadmap for Reaching Conqueror in Battlegrounds Mobile Indian, including some Best Tips and tricks, Required Points, BGMI Conqueror Refresh Time and Many More. So, let’s Start with the Basic introduction of the Conqueror title in BGMI.

BGMI Conqueror Title

BGMI Conqueror is the Highest Tier in the BGMI Ranking System. The ranking system in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has several tiers, starting from Bronze and progressing through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and finally, Conqueror.

How to Reach Conqueror in BGMI PUBG

To Reach Conqueror in BGMi Requires lots of Dedication, practice and Time. Mostly, Skilled Players can reach the Conqueror, but in some cases, Normal Players also reach the Conqueror by following some Tips and Tricks mentioned Below.

Points Required to Reach Conqueror in BGMI

To Reach Conqueror in BGMI, Players Need more than 5200+ Points, and their Ranking should be in the Top 500 Players in that Region. Since, In BGMI, there is only one Region, i.e. India, the Player has to come in the Top 500 Players in the India Region, which is not a Cup of Tea.

Below is a Complete List of BGMI Tier with their Respective Points:

BGMI TiersTier Points
Bronze V – I1,000 – 1,700
Silver V – I1,700 – 2,200
Gold V – I2,200 – 2,700
Platinum V – I2,700 – 3,200
Diamond V – I3,200 – 3,700
Crown V – I3,700 – 4,200
Ace4,200 – 4,700
Ace Master4,7000 – 5,200
Ace Dominator5,200 +
ConquerorTop 500 Players

7 Best Tips & Tricks to Reach Conqueror

Here are some of the Best Tips and tricks to Reach Conqueror in Battlegrounds Mobile India and Pubg Mobile. Follow the Tip, and you will Reach Conqueror within a Few Weeks.

1. Choose Mode (Solo, Duo, Squad)

To Reach Conqueror First, Choose Which Mode you want to do Rank Push.

If you have no good friends or you are a Pro Player with a High-End Device, your first Priority should be Solo. Once you reach Ace in Solo, your chance of reaching Conqueror will be very High.

Alternatively, the duo mode is optimal for a more collaborative and engaging rank push. This mode offers the advantage of a teammate who can facilitate revival during a knockout. Moreover, the duo mode tends to alleviate monotony compared to solo endeavours.

Conquering in squad mode presents a formidable challenge, demanding a cohesive unit of at least 2-3 highly skilled players adeptly navigating adverse conditions.

2. Safe Game (No Blind Rush)

Until you reach Diamond III or II, adopt an aggressive or rush gameplay strategy to accumulate maximum Finish. Once advancing to Diamond-1 or Crown, Change your Strategy to play a Safe game.

Playing safe includes avoiding hot drops by landing at least 1000 meters from the plane route. Hot drops carry a substantial risk; accidental elimination can result in point deductions of 35-40 in Crown and 45-50 in Ace, which is not a Good for Rank Pusher. So, to reach the conqueror, always avoid hot drops and land far away from the plane route.

3. Avoid Random Players

Once you reach Crown, Avoid playing BGMI with Random Players. Random players can be a great thread to your Rank push Journey in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Random players may be unfamiliar with your playstyle, and there is a significant probability that they won’t heed your instructions, potentially harming your gameplay.

It’s possible they might lead you to a hot drop, and if you realize they are inexperienced and unable to handle such situations, your ratings and points will likely decrease. Therefore, always strive to avoid random players below Crown 3-2.

4. Edge to Edge Gameplay

BGMI Conqueor Tips and Tricks
BGMI Conqueror Tips and Tricks

This is a very, very, very important tip that you can follow in the ACE lobby to reach Conqueror easily. What does “Run edge to edge” mean? Well, there are two types of circles: white and blue. Avoid reaching the white circle before the blue circle starts decreasing. In other words, you should position yourself between the white circle and the blue zone. Use your vehicle to reach the white zone when the blue zone decreases.

Run Edge to Edge

As we all know, most players who engage in Rush gameplay search for opponents within the white circle. They drive vehicles, explore all available houses, and attack enemies inside the white circle. Many players tend to avoid being outside the white circle. So, it can be very beneficial for rank pushers. This is a genuinely helpful and unique tip for those looking to push their ranks.

Above are some of the Most Important Tips and Tricks for Reaching Conqueror in BGMI and Pubg Mobile. Now, let’s see Some Less Known Information about racing conquerors.

5. Timing and Map to Play

This tip is based on my personal experience. I’m sharing it because it has proven effective.

The optimal time for playing Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is between 5-10 am in the morning. During this time, the majority of players in the lobby are considered to be noobs. Specifically, if you choose the Miramar map, more than 70% of players are noobs and relatively easy to defeat. I have personally tested this strategy, and it holds true. Playing Miramar with your team in the morning increases the likelihood of achieving a chicken dinner.


Contrastingly, it is advised not to play PUBG between 5-9 pm at night. Approximately 75% of players are considered pros and well-trained during this timeframe. If you decide to play at night, playing with your teammates and avoiding random players is recommended. Playing in the morning is essential for those aiming to rank up faster.

6. Starting Using Claws (3,4,5 Finger)

This is a very important topic that you must read. If you observe pro players like LoLzZz, Casetoo, Neyoo, etc., you’ll notice that they all use the claw grip, whether 3/4/5 fingers. They understand that using the claw grip is advantageous, especially in close combat situations. When using a thumb grip, you cannot jump, shoot, move, and scope simultaneously.

On the other hand, with a 4-finger claw grip, you can easily perform these actions concurrently. Players who have mastered this technique are often the most challenging to defeat.

To become one of these skilled players, you should adopt the claw setup and start practising now. Achieving Conqueror status requires deserving skills, and using the claw grip can significantly enhance your reflexes. So, don’t hesitate to switch and dedicate time to honing your skills.

7. Know Vehicles

Let’s discuss the information about the various vehicles in Battlegrounds Mobile India and recommendations on which to use while Rank Pushing. Vehicles can be very important in ranking, Pushing, and making your game more exciting.

  1. Buggy:
    • Carry: 2 players
    • Maximum Speed: 100 km/h
    • Type: Land
    • Damage: 1540
    • Recommendation: Avoid using the Buggy due to poor control and unstable tire rolling during turns.
  2. UAZ (Open Top):
    • Carry: 5 players
    • Max Speed: 105 km/h
    • Type: Land
    • Damage: 1820
    • Recommendation: While it can carry more players, it may not offer the best protection. Consider other options for better coverage.
  3. UAZ (Closed Top):
    • Carry: 5 players
    • Max Speed: 115 km/h
    • Type: Land
    • Damage: 1820
    • Recommendation: Use the Closed UAZ, as it is considered the best vehicle in PUBG. It provides easy and stable control and offers good protection from bullets due to its closed design.
  4. Motorcycle (w/ sidecar):
    • Carry: 3 players
    • Speed: 130 km/h
    • Type: Land
    • Damage: 1025
    • Recommendation: Suitable for fast movement but offers less protection. Consider it when you need speed and not necessarily cover.
  5. Motorcycle:
    • Carry: 2 players
    • Speed: 152 km/h
    • Type: Land
    • Damage: 1025
    • Recommendation: A good choice when avoiding combat due to its speed, but keep in mind it provides minimal cover.
  6. Dacia:
    • Carry: 4 players
    • Speed: 139 km/h
    • Type: Land
    • Damage: 1820
    • Recommendation: Dacia is a solid choice, offering good speed and protection. However, it might be challenging to control in tight spaces.

The Closed UAZ is recommended as the best vehicle due to its easy control and superior protection. The Dacia is a good alternative, providing a balance between speed and protection. Avoid the Buggy for its poor control, and consider motorcycles for quick movement when combat is not the priority.

8. How to Deal With Cheaters in BGMI

Now that you’ve reached the ACE tier and aim to become a conqueror, encountering hackers in the lobby is a common concern. Dealing with hackers is crucial, as once attacked, there is little chance of escape. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid lobbies where hackers are present actively. If you identify any hackers in the lobby, exit immediately.

Opt to play in the Miramar map to minimize the risk of encountering hackers. It has been observed that the percentage of hackers in Miramar is significantly lower. This makes Miramar a safer option for gameplay. The vast size of the Miramar map also works to your advantage, as hackers may find it tedious to locate players across such a large area. Consequently, Miramar becomes an ideal choice for rank pushers.

Which is the Highest tier in BGMI?

Conqueror is the highest tier in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

How many points are required to reach Conqueror in BGMI?

Players need 5,200+ points to reach Conqueror with a Region ranking that should be under the Top 500.

What is the Refresh Time for the Conqueror List?

BGMI Conquerors will be updated automatically daily at ‘UTC 00:20‘ after reaching the top 500 in ranking.

So, this is all About some of the Best Tips and Tricks to Reach Conqueror in BGMI and Pubg Mobile. We have not added some other Tips like choosing the weapon. You must always use the one that you are most comfortable with. So, I leave that point to personal Choice.

Just Practise and Improve your Aims and Game sense to reach Conqueror in a very short time. I hope you find this article, How to Reach Conqueror in BGMI, helpful. If you do, let us know in the Comment Section. Thank You for Reading.

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