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How to Increase Merit Points in BGMI? (100% Effective Ways)

Are you looking for a How to Increase BGMI Merit Points in the Game? and What’s the Reason for Decreasing Merit Points in BGMI? So, in this article, we will see the Easiest way to increase your Merit Points in BGMI. As soon as BGMI Got released, there was a lot of illegal activity going on in the Game.

Hackers truly ruined the game and because of this many genuine players leave to play bgmi. So, to avoid the loss of players Krafton Finally launched a New anti-cheat system named Merit Points in BGMI 1.8 Update. Merit Points help to restrict the Activity of players who Violate the BGMI Privacy Policy. Merit Points help to provide fair Gameplay to their Players.

Increase Merit Points in BGMI

What are Merit Points in BGMI?

Merit points in BGMI (BattleGrounds Mobile India) are a type of in-game currency that can be earned by playing matches and completing daily and weekly missions. Merit points can be used to increase a player’s merit level, which determines their matchmaking pool and eligibility for ranked matches.

Players start with a merit level of 100 and can earn or lose merit points based on their performance in matches. Winning matches, dealing damage to enemies, reviving teammates, and staying alive for longer periods can all earn players merit points, while negative actions such as teamkilling or disconnecting from matches can result in the loss of merit points.

Merit Points in BGMI

A player’s merit level determines the quality of matches they will be placed in. Players with higher merit levels will be matched with other skilled players, while those with lower merit levels may be matched with newer or less experienced players.

Players can also use merit points to purchase items from the in-game shop, such as crates or cosmetics. However, it’s generally recommended to save merit points for increasing merit level and improving matchmaking, as these benefits can significantly impact a player’s overall gameplay experience.

BGMI Merit Info

In summary, merit points in BGMI are an important in-game currency that can help players improve their matchmaking and overall performance. By playing matches, completing missions, and avoiding negative actions, players can earn merit points and increase their merit level for a more challenging and rewarding gameplay experience.

Reasons for Decrease in Merit Points

There are lots of reasons because of why your merit point Decreased. There are many Prime Reasons for decreasing merit points are…

  1. Using a Third-Party tool or Plugin in BGMI.
  2. Harming Own Teammates in the Game.
  3. Teamup with a Cheater or another Player(Enemy).

BGMI Merit Score and their Info

Score Merit Info
100No Restriction. Your BP limit for a day increases by 200 and challenge point earning increases by 5.
80-99You have good Merit, don’t lose!
60-79Your Merit is Lacking. You can’t play ranked matches, and your BP & EXP earnings will be reduced By 50%
20-59Your Merit is quite Bad. You can’t play ranked matches (Classic & Arena) and your BP & EXP earnings will be reduced by 70%
0-19Your Merit is Appalling. You can only play VS AI Mode and your EXP & BP earnings will be reduced by 90%

Reasons for Decreasing Merit Points in BGMI

All Violations will be punished, and the extent of punishment will vary according to the severity of the violation and the number of Violations.

ViolationViolation DescriptionViolation Penalty Info
Language ViolationInsulting othersMerit deductions and muting. (The penalty increases if there are multiple violations.)
Spreading information on how to break the rulesSpreading ads or illegal informationMerit deductions, Match ban, mute
Griefing TeammatesIntentional idling, leaving the team while on Spawn Island, leaving a match.Merit deductions and match bans. (the penalty increase with your tiers)
Attacks TeammatesUse Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, the carry feature, vehicles, etc., to harm teammates.Merit deductions. The higher the tier, the more points will be deducted.
Teaming up with a cheaterPlaying and forming a team with cheatersMerit deductions, bans, rank removal
Cheating and third-party toolsCheating or using third-party tools to cheatMerit deductions, bans, rank removal
TeamersRefusing to cooperate or playing negativelyMerit deductions, bans
Exploiting bugsExploiting bugsMerit deductions, bans

How to Increase Merit In BGMI?

Increasing merit points in Battlegrounds Mobile India is Very Easy. There are lots of ways to do that. Some of them are given below.

BGMI 100 Merit Points
  • Play More Unraked Erangel and Livik Maps.
  • Finishing in the Top 50- 100 will give you +1 Merit Points, +2 Ponts in 10 – 50, and +3 if you come in the Top 10.
  • Each Arena match will give you +1 Merit Ponts.
  • Spend as much time in BGMI as Possible.
  • Also, Avoid Getting a Penalty or Merit point Deduction while increasing the merit Points.

So, these are some Easiest ways to increase merit points in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). If you have any Queries, Suggestions or Want to tell us something let us know in the comment section.

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